This is Koosha

I'm a designer located in sunny Orange County, California. Back in the day, I embarked on my college journey with the intention of pursuing art. My childhood dream was to become the next "Bob Ross," using my imagination to create captivating worlds. However, during my time in college, something wonderful happened – I took a graphic design course and found myself captivated by it.

Suddenly, my path expanded beyond art alone. I discovered a passion for design that allowed me to tell stories and solve problems through visual elements. What could be more incredible? This realization led me to dive deeper into the realms of user interface & user experience design, web design, branding, business, and new media marketing. All these experiences have culminated in my evolution into a product designer.

My goal remains steadfast: to help individuals express their narratives, chase their passions, and achieve success in their ventures while nurturing their businesses.


Product Designer

ZAB Design - Houston, TX

2019 - Present

Designed and developed user-centered and performance-optimized WordPress websites. Implemented design thinking into the design process to create value-driven products tailored to the needs of users and stakeholders. Designed and created logos, brand visual style guides, social media posts, marketing materials, and graphic art. Conducted market research and created product strategy, product-market-fit, and general strategy for digital products to ensure the product would meet the intended goals.

Projects I have worked on include:
• One-page business websites
• Websites for small businesses, organizations and non-profits
• E-Commerce websites
• Online Conferences with nearly a thousand attendees at the day of the event

Freelance Visual Designer & Web Designer

Koosha Design - Orange County, CA

2018 - Present

Created websites and user interfaces through a disciplined UX design process. Created brands and brand style guides (competitive research, logos, supporting graphics, visual content, marketing material) and graphic art/illustrations.

Visual Designer Assistant

California State University Fullerton, Irvine, CA


Planned, designed, and created promotional products, including posters, brochures, and social media posts. Actively collaborated with Associated Student Inc. to create promotional items for their events. Managed and created new website content and updated data on the CSUF Irvine Center website. Assisted staff members and students in the coordination of activities.

Graphic Design Intern

Digiboost, Newport Beach, CA


Participated in design and creation of branding material (logo design, supporting graphic material), marketing material (brochures and social media content), and website content.

Prior Experiences

Multiple Locations

Prior experiences working as IT tech assistant, communication coordinator responsible for handling international communications and office tasks


Web Design


Animation/Motion Graphic

Animated 2D illustrations and graphics

Branding & Graphic Design

Branding ‧ corporate identity ‧ style guide ‧ market research ‧ product strategy and product market ‧ new media marketing ‧ graphic design materials for print and digital platforms.

Graphic Art / Illustrations

Vector art ‧ digital painting ‧ image composition ‧ mixed media ‧ traditional art.


Art/Design/Animation: Photoshop ‧ Illustrator ‧ XD ‧ InDesign ‧ After Effects

Prototyping: XD ‧ InVision



Siggraph 2019: SpaceTime

2019 - ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee - Poster design contest: 3rd Place

CSUF Magna Cum Laude Honors Award

2018 - California State University, Fullerton.
Dean's honor list 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Art4Health Exhibition

2017 - CSUF Health Center - Second Place

Saddleback College

2020 - Dean's honor list

Adobe Generation Professional: UX to UI Course Certificate

2017 - Certificate of the Successful Completion of the Program

Hobbies & Personality

Books & E-Books

Favorite authors: Eckhart Tolle, Brandon Sanderson, J. R. R. Tolkien, Uell Stanley Andersen,


Chillstep, metal, classic, 80s, kpop, country, synthwave, trance etc. An unpredictable playlist!

Long Walks & Hikes

Long walks in nature always help with getting the creative juice flowing.

Digital Painting

Creating a world of my own imagination on a digital canvas.

Personality: INFP-A

"Although they may seem quiet or unassuming, Mediators (INFPs) have vibrant, passionate inner lives. Creative and imaginative, they happily lose themselves in daydreams, inventing all sorts of stories and conversations in their minds." -Source