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Hamlin Dental Group is a dentistry in Los Angeles, California with three office locations and many dedicated doctors and staff members, offering a wide range of dental services. I was in charge of creating a new website with the goal of depicting professional expertise and compassionate care throughout the visual language of the website.


Demographically and geographically, with three convenient office locations and a wide selection of services, Hamlin Dental serves various segments of patients by providing high quality services at a reasonable cost which provides value for the patients, so in behavioral and psychographic segmentation, we focused on groups who would react positively to receiving high-value services. One important factor is the “LA Lifestyle” in psychographic segmentation, where glamorous smiles and Hollywood mentality affect what patients want.

Beside the strategy to attract new patients, we worked on plans to retain the existing customers through brand loyalty, long-term customer management and social media planning strategies. We wanted Hamlin Dental Group’s brand to look modern, clean, approachable, high-quality and high-value. The new brand strategy can be used to unify all aspects of the new marketing strategy, including website design, direct-marketing, promotions, branding elements and social media posts.

Brand Image

Website's look was very outdated and ineffective. There was a need for a new unifying visual language for the brand and digital products to create a seamless and recognizable brand image.  


Navigation problems and ineffective site-map was damaging the user-friendliness of the website. There were too many pages in need simplification.

SEO & Content

A problem with the old website was the number of pages and high amount of repetitive information. The ranking of the website was damaged and the website was in desperate need of new content.

User Personas

Two user personas represent two common types of patients: First a middle-class mother who is seeking a trustworthy dentistry for her family and second one represents an actor who wishes to perform cosmetic dental procedure.


Age 44 | Nurse | Married, two kids | Lives in Van Nuys, CA

Maria and her family have recently moved to Van Nuys area in Los Angeles, California. She is looking for a new family dentistry who can offer dental services to all of her family members. She is a hardworking mother who works long shifts as a nurse at a local hospital.

Archetype: The Caregiver
The Caregiver Protects and cares for others, is compassionate, nurturing and generous.

  • To find a trustworthy dentistry
  • To get in touch with the dentistry easily to ask questions
  • To be able to schedule appointments easily
  • To ensure the dentistry offers excellent children dental services
  • To find a place that would accept their insurance
  • She has found it hard to find the information she seeks on some dentist websites
  • She has a hard time deciding on the right choice
  • She is worried about the costs if the insurance doesn’t cover everything 
  • Her children are extremely afraid of going to dentist office
  • Fit an appointments into her busy schedule


Age 35 | Actor | In a Relationship | Lives in Burbank, CA

Marco is a successful fashion model, and recently has started the path of becoming an actor and making a name for himself in Hollywood. He lives in West Hollywood and is looking for a new local dentistry that can provide high quality cosmetic dentistry services.

Archetype: The Ruler
The Caregiver Creates order from the chaos, the Ruler is typically controlling and stern, yet responsible and organized.

  • To find a trustworthy dentistry
  • To learn about different services offered
  • To see examples of dentist’s work
  • To quickly find contact information and location 
  • To learn about the dentists and their qualifications
  • He had a horrible experience last time he visited a dentist, that’s why he is looking for a new dentist
  • Skeptical about the skills of expertise of people unless they prove themselves to Marco 
  • His schedule is flexible but sometimes has to make quick changes in his daily schedule
  • Very picky about his appearance
  • Quality of work is extremely important


After identifying the problem, we can define the goals and ideal outcomes for the project by asking seven questions and use the answers as a framework of our process. 

What is the purpose (goal) of the design?

To create a memorable brand that can communicate the benefits and core values of the client, and a website that is user-friendly, SEO optimized and can deliver value.

Who is the audience?

Parents who are looking for a family-friendly dentistry that can serve all members of the family. Also individuals who seek cosmetic dentistry services. It is Los Angeles after all, looks matter!

What message needs to be communicated?

The main message is that Hamlin Dental Group is a welcoming dentistry that offers a wide range of services to all members of the family, and doctors and staff members are compassionate and highly skilled professionals.

What is the competition and marketplace?

There are many other dentists in the North-Western areas of Los Angeles, many offering both family and cosmetic dentistry services.

What is the context?

A fully responsive website that can be seen in both mobile devices and larger screens without compromising the content or the performance of the website.

What is the voice?

Compassion, care, discipline and professionalism. A clean look and feel which is welcoming and presentation of the content in a way that is informative and logical.

What kind of response is desired?

We want the visitors to feel welcomed and encouraged to contact the dentist office to make an appointment or ask their questions. Also from a UX standpoint, we want visitors to enjoy interacting with the website and easily find the information that they need in order to make a decision.


Although this was a website “redesign” using the content from the old website, in order to follow a user-centered design mindset, I rearranged the pages, removed some of the old content and created new content based on the desired goals. Accessibility, SEO, responsiveness and aesthetically pleasing UI were other important aspects of this project. Large number of pages on the original website was a problem so I rearranged the content to fit them into less pages to make navigation and finding relative info easier for the visitors.

Site Map


The best method to implement ideas into the design is to start with a rough sketch wireframe (low fidelity), then take them into a simplified digital version. Simply by looking at the bare-bone structure of the website without being distracted by colors, images and text can be extremely helpful in assessing the placement of content.


What elements could inspire  a brand image for an exemplary dentistry in Los Angeles? A combination of glamorous Hollywood smiles and relaxing elements of LA beaches to create a welcoming atmosphere while conveying trust, efficiency and proficiency. 

Brand Values: Compassionate, professional, gentle, healthy, lively.

Moodboard, Graphic Elements, Type, color & Logo

The basic element that is repeated throughout the design

Header Typeface:
Raleway Bold

Body Typeface:
Nunito Normal

The temporary logo I designed for the client's 25th anniversary event

Final UI Design

Future Plan: Mobile App

Our next step is to design and create a user-centered mobile app that is easy to use, convenient and in synch with the brand image. This app allows patients to look up information, access blog posts, contact the business through phone or live chat or a messaging system and quickly access directions. 


Utilizing Emotion in the Design

The biggest challenge in this project was organizing the content and it’s visual presentation. Dentist office is not a place people are enthusiastic about, therefore it was essential to evoke a sense of compassion, care and professionalism through the visual design of the website. 

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